Naturally Fit: Foundations

Course Features

  • Daily Movement Practices

    Each day, you'll unlock a new daily movement practice. These are "everyday movements" that will help you improve your mobility and movement a part of your lifestyle. Coaching cues to refine your movement and daily movement challenges.

  • Primal Movement Workouts

    The course features 7 effective primal movement / bodyweight workouts blending movement & strength. Minimalist workouts with an easy to follow format and video demonstrations. Designed to be accessible to beginners and challenging to experienced movers.

  • Downloadable Videos & PDFs

    Life is busy, follow along with the course on your schedule. All content can be downloaded for your convenience. Keep up with the daily movement practices & workouts even when you don't have streaming capability.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to Naturally Fit Foundations!
    • Welcome Naturally Fit: Foundations - Take the 21-day Challenge!
    • A message from your instructor
  • 2
    Day 1
    • Daily Movement: Tucked Rocking
    • [VIDEO] Tucked Rocking
  • 3
    Day 2
    • Daily Movement: Figure Four Rock Up
    • [VIDEO] Figure Four Rock Up
  • 4
    Day 3
    • Daily Movement: Side Bent Sit Hip Switches
    • [VIDEO] Side Bent Sit Hip Switches
    • Foundations Workout #1
    • [VIDEO] Foundations Workout #1 Overview
    • [PDF] Foundations Workout #1
  • 5
    Day 4
    • Daily Movement: Rock Up to Foot Hand Crawl
    • [VIDEO] Rock Up to Foot Hand Crawl
  • 6
    Day 5
    • Daily Movement: Crawl Pass Under Transition
    • [VIDEO] Crawl Pass Under Transition
  • 7
    Day 6
    • Daily Movement: Long Rolls
    • [VIDEO] Long Rolls
    • Foundations Workout #2
    • [VIDEO] Foundations Workout #2 Overview
    • [PDF] Foundations Workout #2
  • 8
    Day 7
    • Daily Movement: Foot Hand Crawl Get Up
    • [VIDEO] Foot Hand Crawl Get Up
  • 9
    Day 8
    • Daily Movement: Squat Shifting & Walking
    • [VIDEO] Squat Shifting & Walking
  • 10
    Day 9
    • Daily Movement: Tripod Get Up / Down
    • [VIDEO] Tripod Get Up / Down
    • Foundations Workout #3
    • [VIDEO] Foundations Workout #3 Overview
    • [PDF] Foundations Workout #3
  • 11
    Day 10
    • Daily Movement: Single Leg Balancing
    • [VIDEO] Single Leg Balance to Split Squat
  • 12
    Day 11
    • Daily Movement: Cross Sit Get Up
    • [VIDEO] Cross Sit Get Up
  • 13
    Day 12
    • Daily Movement: Knee Hand Hip Roll
    • [VIDEO] Knee Hand Hip Roll
    • Foundations Workout #4
    • [VIDEO] Foundations Workout #4 Overview
    • [PDF] Foundations Workout #4
  • 14
    Day 13
    • Daily Movement: Inverted Crawl
    • [VIDEO] Inverted Crawl
  • 15
    Day 14
    • Daily Movement: Crawl Roll Over Transition
    • [VIDEO] Crawl Roll Over Transition
  • 16
    Day 15
    • Daily Movement: Kneeling Get Up
    • [VIDEO] Kneeling Get Up
    • Foundations Workout #5
    • [VIDEO] Foundations Workout #5
    • [PDF] Foundations Workout #5
  • 17
    Day 16
    • Daily Movement: Lateral Shuffle Crawl
    • [VIDEO] Lateral Shuffle Crawl
  • 18
    Day 17
    • Daily Movement: Rolling Squat Get Up / Down
    • [VIDEO] Rolling Squat Get Up
  • 19
    Day 18
    • Daily Movement: Active Hanging
    • [VIDEO] Active Hanging
    • Foundations Workout #6
    • [VIDEO] Foundations Workout #6 Overview
    • [PDF] Foundations Workout #6
  • 20
    Day 19
    • Daily Movement: Jumping Technique
    • [VIDEO] Jumping Technique
  • 21
    Day 20
    • Daily Movement: Sprawling
    • [VIDEO] Sprawling
  • 22
    Day 21
    • Daily Movement: Back & Forward Rolls
    • [VIDEO] Back & Forward Rolls
    • Foundations Workout #7
    • Foundations Workout #7 Overview
    • [PDF] Foundations Workout #7
  • 23
    Next Steps...
    • Congratulations on completing the course!
    • Resources & Next Steps

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I follow this program at home?

    Yes! This program emphasizing "everyday movements" and minimal-equipment workouts. No gym necessary, you can practice these movements and go through the workouts anywhere.

  • What equipment will I need?

    All you'll need to complete the daily movements is some comfortable open floor space. For the workouts, you'll need a mat, a thin resistance band (1/8" or 1/4"), and a pair of yoga blocks.

  • Is this course recommended for beginners?

    Absolutely! This is course is designed with beginners in mind! We're going to start building better movement from the ground up. No previous experience necessary. All the movements and workouts are accessible to beginners and scalable to different ability levels.

  • How is the program organized?

    Each day features a new Daily Movement video. Watch the video for coaching cues and complete the daily movement challenge. Every third day, you'll be given a 45-min workout that blends the daily movements with basic bodyweight strength and core work. Each workout comes with a video overview of all the moves and downloadable PDF.

  • What will I accomplish with this program?

    With consistent training, you can expect to see improvements in your general mobility, joint stability, and functional core strength. After this program, you'll be well on your way to a building a sustainable & natural movement practice. This foundation will allow you to confidently pursue more advanced movement skills or support any other sport or physical activity.

  • I've heard of MovNat, how is this different?

    I've been teaching the MovNat methodology as a Team Instructor since 2012. This course is inspired by MovNat and I strive to bring my unique approach and presentation to the subject matter. This is a great preparatory program for anyone looking to attend a MovNat event or certification

  • What is your refund policy?

    Try out Naturally Fit Foundations. If you decide the course isn't right for you, contact me within 5 days of purchase for a full refund.

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